Rising tension between the U.S. and China over tariffs has America’s heartland worried about the potential fallout. Over the past week, both countries have announced escalating tariffs against each other, leading to a possible trade war. Farmers are among those who stand to lose the most as much of their livelihood relies on being able to sell their produce to foreign countries, particularly China.

Iowa, America’s breadbasket, is the number one exporter of pork and corn and the number two exporter of soybeans, all three of which are targets in China’s retaliatory tariffs. Craig Hill, head of the Iowa Farm Bureau, says Iowans could begin to lose their farms but he is more concerned about the future. He joins Soledad O’Brien for a conversation about how the rhetoric has already cost some farmers this year’s profit, the dangers of American agriculture losing its reliability and if Trump voters will continue to stick with him.  

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