The presidential candidates have less than one month to convince voters to vote for them in November. Yet, some have already cast their ballots. Thirty-seven states allow residents to vote prior to election day, including four critical swing states: Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Nevada and Florida. Over a million votes nationwide have already been cast.

Florida political analyst Eddie Fernandez predicts this year could set records among early voters and those casting absentee ballots. Fernandez also noted a surprising trend in Orange County, a swing area in central Florida, where more Latinos have registered to vote than any other group.

If Latino voters go to the polls it could swing the election. According to a recent Univision poll, 58 percent of Florida Latinos support Hillary Clinton compared to 28 percent support for Donald Trump.

Yet, Latinos historically have never voted above 50 percent of eligible adults. That statistic could potentially change this year, however, Fernandez says that remains to be seen.

“What is interesting about the Latino vote in this country is that registration seems to be occurring, but turnout does not occur.”

Check out our video for more on early voting and registration trends.

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