A top official with the independent Office of Government Ethics is calling President-elect Donald Trump’s plan to turn over the management of his business interests to his sons “meaningless.”

While speaking to reporters in New York on Wednesday, Trump said he will not be involved in day-to-day decisions regarding his own business interests. But he will still maintain ownership of the Trump Organization while occupying the Oval Office. That decision puts him in a position to continue to receive benefits. Trump also explained that while he will choose to separate his job as Commander-in-chief from his businesses, he is not required to do so.  Trump and his lawyers say that according to the Constitution, the President is exempt from conflict of interest laws.

Soledad O’Brien speaks with former Ambassador Norm Eisen, President Obama’s ethics czar during his first term. Eisen explains why Trump’s team should separate the President-elect from his business empire to avoid a conflict of interest.

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