Vice presidential candidates Tim Kaine and Gov. Mike Pence will set the stage for the next round of national debates on Tuesday. Historically, the VP debates rarely impact their party’s polling numbers. Republican strategist Bruce Haynes notes however that this year has been anything but conventional. The candidates could walk away with higher popularity numbers than their running mates.

“I’m not going to be surprised if we have a record viewership for this VP debate and I’m not surprised if we have a reaction like when we had Joe Liberman debate Dick Cheney when people said “hey can we run those two guys for president instead” because I think you will find two dedicated public servants who are liked by people on both sides of the aisle, that have extensive resumes, they have good careers.”

Haynes predicts the vice-presidential debate will include more policy discussions, and more respect, than last week’s first presidential debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. The first presidential debate was the most watched presidential debate in modern times.

Democratic pollster Cornell Belcher says he is expecting more aggressive tactics.

“Part of what they have to do is attack in a way that you can’t that you don’t see at the top of the ticket. I think the VP debate from a substance stand point is going to be a lot more interesting than what we just saw with the presidential debate.”

Check out our video for Belcher and Haynes’ take on the swings and misses of the first presidential debate and how each candidate can attract more voters.

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