Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch heads to Capitol Hill Monday for hearings before the Senate Judiciary Committee. The highly-qualified judge from the Court of Appeals in Colorado is likely to face heavy lines of questioning from Senate Democrats, who are looking to reveal Gorsuch as anti-worker and possibly anti-woman. President Donald Trump promised a conservative judge who would get rid of the landmark abortion rights case Roe V. Wade, but given Gorsuch’s case record it’s not clear how he might rule. Jeffrey Rosen clerked with Gorsuch at the DC Court of Appeals and says Gorsuch leans further right than the Justice Antonin Scalia on some issues, and may provide some checks to both executive and congressional powers. Rosen sits down with Soledad O’Brien to discuss the judicial philosophy of the man likely to become the next Supreme Court Justice and how that could significantly change the Court’s dynamic.

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