Tara Cleary

October 8, 2021

Tara Cleary is an accomplished audio and video journalist. She began her career in South Africa in radio, soon moving to television, and subsequently founded her own company, Tin Rage Productions. Her small team produced an award-winning literary magazine series, and soon after, she worked with author and playwright, Eve Ensler on the South Africa portion of an Ensler documentary.

Following those successes, Tara moved to New York City chasing a long-term professional goal of working in the U.S. What started as a short-term assignment editing for a local TV news station, quickly grew into rewarding production opportunities with the BBC, Reuters, and with the Al Jazeera America show, “On Target with Ali Velshi” . At Reuters, Tara added voice reporting to her skillset, producing and narrating stories for the news agency.

She joined the MATTER OF FACT team in 2020.

Tara lives in New York City where she loves to explore the many diverse neighborhoods, creating videos of the tours for Walks NY.

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