Ever wonder what holds America together? Or for that matter, what it means to be an American? Explore those questions through the lens of race, identity and justice in a special live-streamed event — The Matter of Fact Listening Tour.
Hosted by Soledad O’Brien — with guests who each have a unique American story. Guests like author and philanthropist Edgar Villanueva.
“When I think about what it means to be an American, for me it’s the idea of being able to live into all of my multiple identities. As a Native American, as someone from the South who has a Southern accent. Who people think might be Puerto Rican from New York by the way I look and dress, and someone who has a very Latinx name, right?”
Join us Thursday evening for the Matter of Fact Listening Tour, “To Be An American: Identity, Race and Justice,” hosted by Soledad O’Brien.
The special program will stream beginning at 7 p.m. Eastern Standard Time on matteroffact.tv and other Hearst websites.
This presentation of the Listening Tour features a diverse lineup of guests from academia, literature and entertainment. They will share personal stories, essays and insights to bring greater understanding to the complex topic of race, identity and belonging. Matter of Fact contributors Jessica Gomez and Joie Chen will provide reports and interviews from around the country, while veteran journalist Ray Suarez will chronicle the history of Chinese Americans who helped build U.S. railroads but were denied citizenship. Viewers will be challenged to address questions such as, ”What unites the United States, and what is it that truly makes America exceptional?” The program will open with a citizenship pop quiz, which encourages viewers to think about what those not born in this country must learn in order to become Americans.
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