October 24, 2020

October 25, 2020

This week on Matter of Fact, 537 votes and a Supreme Court ruling made George W. Bush president in 2000. Could we see an election recount in 2020? Soledad O’Brien speaks with Billy Corben, the director of HBO’s documentary “537 Votes.” Then, a group of top conservative strategists are working to take down President Trump. They’re called the Lincoln Project and are running ads against the President in several swing states. Soledad O’Brien speaks with Fred Wellman who says this isn’t about saving the Republican Party. Plus, how do you combat bias in the media? Soledad O’Brien speaks with three prominent journalists: Maria Hinajosa, anchor and executive producer of Latino USA; Luis Rios, director of photography for the San Antonio Express News; and Matter of Fact Special Contributor Joie Chen.