When groups are empowered to march, they do not always march as one. This weekend, tens of thousands of women attended “March for Life” in the nation’s capital to call for a pro-life agenda. The day after President Donald Trump’s inauguration, millions of women in the United States and abroad turned out to protest his presidency as well as voice support for key political issues – such as reproductive rights, health care and civil rights. Some are calling these marches evidence of a new women’s movement; others are skeptical of what they will accomplish. Erin Vilardi, Founder and director of VoteRunLead, works to train and support women of all political ideologies to run for local and national office. She says, for her organization, it’s all about how many women are inspired to run for office. Vilardi joins Soledad to argue for a women’s movement that rejects party identity and explains how the larger women’s agenda can get lost in the controversy of abortion.

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