Joie Chen

September 20, 2021

Joie Chen brings her unique storytelling style to Matter of Fact. “What I love about the program is its commitment to understanding history, and how events of the past continue to shape our world today,”  she says.

Her reporting has taken her across the country and around the world. Joie is most often recognized for her decade as an anchor and correspondent for CNN International and CNN. She’s also been a Washington, DC correspondent for CBS News, reporting from the White House, Capitol Hill and contributing to the legendary CBS Sunday Morning. Most recently, she served as host and correspondent for Al Jazeera America’s flagship program, America Tonight.

When she’s not producing reports for Matter of Fact, Joie is pursuing her other professional passion: making journalism better. She’s a senior leader at the Poynter Institute, the world’s leading non-profit journalism education organization.

A Chicago native, she now lives outside Washington, DC.

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