January 6, 2018

January 13, 2018

Does American politics have you praying for some divine intervention? U. S. Senate Chaplain Barry Black joins Soledad in studio to talk about the divisive issues facing the nation, the role of faith in confronting them, the guidance he gives to the Senators in his flock, and the use of his Senate pulpit to push and prod some of the nation’s most powerful figures to seek a higher good. Then, a look at a controversial classroom lesson inspired by the assassination of Martin Luther King 50 years ago. Jessica Gomez travels to Iowa to meet with Jane Elliott, the teacher who created the blue eyes-brown eyes experiment, to learn why she says racism is worse today than five decades ago. And, meet Cesar Vargas, an immigration lawyer helping immigrant children to obtain legal status. He’s also a Dreamer and at risk of being deported if Congress can’t find a solution. He sits down with Soledad to explain why he thinks Democratic leadership failed the Dreamers and to identify the opportunities he sees for a bi-partisan immigration solution. 

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