December 2, 2017

December 9, 2017

This week, Soledad O’Brien looks into the allegations of sexual misconduct piling up against the politically powerful, forcing leaders on Capitol Hill to grapple with their own rules of conduct, and how to hold members accountable. Melanie Sloan, a Washington ethics lawyer who went public with accusations against now-former Rep. John Conyers, sits down with Soledad O’Brien to talk about the reporting process on the Hill, the rules that insulate members of Congress, and the need for reforming standards and reporting practices. Then, Soledad interview the man who developed the theory of “net neutrality,” Columbia professor Tim Wu. As the FCC looks to take down net neutrality regulations, Wu explains the reason broadband companies support relaxing regulation and the impact to consumers, content providers, e-commerce, and democracy itself.  Plus, a special report on undocumented children who are sent to immigration court without legal representation. Jess Gomez meets with a group of lawyers working pro-bono to help these children obtain legal status. 

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