Rita Aleman

Matter of Fact Executive Producer, Rita Hagen Aleman, a longtime member of the Hearst Television family, is a veteran journalist, producer, storyteller, and writer. She is a member of the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences Silver Circle, honoring a lifetime of dedication to the television industry. She has earned multiple Emmy awards and a USC Walter Cronkite Award for her work producing politically themed programming, including a highly rated prime time news magazine show. A Wisconsin native, she is a graduate of Marquette University in Milwaukee, and holds a Master’s Degree from the University of Wisconsin. Go PACK Go!

VIEWFINDER: Hulks on the Horizon

Wind turbines, or “Hulks on the Horizon,” are part of the future of renewable energy in the U.S. Thanks to the Houston Chronicle, we get an extraordinary view of these giants on the prairie land of central Texas.

SEPTEMBER 10, 2022

Food waste and test scores. This week Matter of Fact looks at a group of Brooklyn bikers who are trying to reduce and change the way New Yorkers think about food waste. Plus, what to do about low test scores among 3rd graders and a look at the science behind why so many online daters are tired of swiping.

New Data Shows Decline in Test Scores, Especially for Online Learning Students

Standardized test results are down almost across the board, after two years of schooling during a pandemic. Soledad O’Brien speaks with Katharine Strunk, Ph.D, professor and director of the Education Policy Innovation Collaborative (EPIC) at Michigan State University, about whose scores fell the most, how to bring them back up and whether repeating a grade is the best advice.

Science Shows Why Dating Fatigue Isn’t Just Happening to You

As online dating has replaced in-person “meet-cutes” and friends and family set-ups, a growing number of Americans are growing exhausted from the constant swiping and letdowns. Many even say they’re calling it quits. Laura Chavez meets with a single entrepreneur, a therapist and a biological anthropologist to figure out why dating app fatigue is so prevalent.

NY Bikers Aim to Lower Food Waste through Solar-Powered Composting Facilities

The average American produces just under five pounds of waste each day. One pound of that is food waste.  That’s more than any other nationality. New solutions are needed, especially as the garbage increasingly ends up in low-income neighborhoods. Soledad O’Brien takes a closer look at the process used by B-K Rot bikers in Brooklyn to make a business out of taking the waste to solar-powered composting facilities.

Greg Geist

For over 30 years, Greg has produced, shot, and edited hundreds of commercials and dozens of long-format presentations for businesses and non-profits. As an accomplished live-TV director and technical director in a top 20 market, he’s directed countless newscasts, political debates and live specials. Greg holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Communications from Ohio University.


With one of the largest prison populations in the world, many Americans are calling for criminal justice reform. But what does that reform look like? Abolitionist and podcaster Richie Reseda, a formerly incarcerated person, comes together with Philadelphia District Attorney Larry to discuss common ground.


Following our 2021 story about a company that is recruiting and training truck technicians, Tim Spurlock, CEO of American Diesel Training Centers updates Soledad O’Brien on how the program is expanding into new sectors.


A national shortage of the truck drivers, mechanics, and technicians.  This week Matter of Fact looks at an innovative training program helping workers get the skills to get the jobs.  A visit with the CEO of American Diesel Training Centers to see its effort to have companies pay for tuition is successfully recruiting and retaining new hires. Plus, a conversation on criminal justice reform between Philadelphia District Attorney Larry Krasner and abolitionist Richie Reseda.