How Food Insecurity is Impacting Voter Apathy

In the wake of the pandemic, many New Yorkers remain worried about where they’ll get their next meal — and frustrated with elected officials. Alexis Clark speaks with a Bronx family of restaurateurs about how this is driving both activism and voter apathy. 

A Month Later, Hurricane Ian is Impacting Midterms

More than a month after Hurricane Ian hit Florida, countless residents — including poll workers — are still displaced. Soledad O’Brien speaks with Lee County Supervisor Tommy Doyle about how extending early voting, focusing on absentee ballots and waiving certain requirements for poll workers are keeping the elections process afloat.

Voters Express Concerns Beyond What’s Making Headlines

In our final leg of the road trip, Jessica Gomez and her team meet with voters from Ohio to Maryland to see what they’re worried about beyond what’s making headlines.

November 5, 2022

This week Matter of Fact continues our journey across the U.S., talking with Americans about the impact of rising costs, the debate over abortion and concerns about the future. Plus, how Hurricane Ian is impacting Florida’s elections and community residents rallying to lift the Bronx neighborhoods out of poverty.